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What Is An Office Fit-out?

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

An office fit-out is reflective of your business needs and culture while catering to your employees' working requirements. It is the process and transformation of making an empty space into a suitable environment with all office essentials, including the necessary electrical, furnishings, plumbing, ventilation, and decorations.

Office fit out set-up - Neptel Design and Build

Fit-Out vs. Renovation: What’s the Difference?

Most of the time, people confuse fit-outs with office renovations. An office fit-out is not to be confused with renovations which is the process of revamping an office space that already exists. An office fit-out is developing a new space from scratch.

Office renovation is the process involved with the interior design aspect. These are features that give the space a more fresh and professional look which covers painting and furnishings.

What are the types of Fit-out?

  • Shell & Core – This is transforming the interior of your space or the mainframe of your building, including things like cladding, lift shafts, and structural work.

  • Category A - This refers to your basic fit-out and includes all the processes such as the installations of lighting, mechanical, electrical, suspended ceilings, cooling, and fire Systems.

  • Category B - This is the most closely related to renovation. It improves the internal space according to your vision and requirements, including office furniture and technology installation. To avoid confusion, Category A is a blank canvas and Category B is filling out that canvas.

Key Takeaway

An office fit-out is required when your facilities have expanded or need more new office space for your growing staff. With every office fit-out project, it’s important to think about how your business is likely to change over the next 5 years.

Here at Neptel Design+Build, we provide all fit-out and renovation services for your next office project. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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