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Meet Kassandra Cay: A Design Architect at Neptel Design + Build

Welcome to the latest edition of Life at Neptel. Where we talk to our Neptel designers, engineers, architects, admin, employees, and interns to get a snapshot of their journey in Neptel and their passion for design and build.

Today’s story is about our resident creative expert and design architect Kassandra Kay or “KC”. A year into her journey in Neptel, she talks about her passion for design and crafting spaces meant for human creativity and productivity.

Read on to learn about her Neptel story, design principles, and outlook on the office fit out industry.

What drives your passion for design architecture?

It comes from everything I see. Seeing how people use the space, and how this affects their lives. You can really feel how important architecture is and how important it is to put the users first. It makes me feel happy and fulfilled to see that I can help people by designing beautiful spaces and this drives me to become a better designer.

What part of Neptel resonates with you the most?

I appreciate how Neptel, as a general contractor, values consistency. Consistency with their craft, work ethic, and maintaining good relationships. I am always reminded of how important this is in our daily lives. Neptel reflects the outcome of consistency and it is something I want to achieve in my personal goals as well. It somehow became a growth model for me.

What do you do at Neptel?

I am a design architect here at Neptel and I believe it's my responsibility to make the client’s vision of their space come to life. It’s also my responsibility to reflect the values that Neptel holds. Since my values align well with Neptel it feels natural to me. I don't feel the need to force myself to reflect these values. I always put my heart into my work and I never apply “bahala na” mentality in my designs.

What resonates with you the most? Functional or aesthetic design in office spaces? How do you believe office design affects everyday workers?

I think function and aesthetics are both important. Aesthetics plays a huge role in how a space can impact a person’s quality of life, especially if we are talking about office spaces where employees spend most of their time. We are all visual beings and what we see can affect our mood, productivity, health and wellbeing. But aside from this, we want our space to provide proper function as well. But above anything, office spaces should be designed for convenience and safety.

Where do you see interior office design going in the next 5 years?

Office design is constantly changing and I think the pandemic really changed office culture. A lot of people are working remotely, and there is a rise in co-working spaces. There could be an increase in people who opt for a hybrid set up. So this will definitely change office requirements. Possibly less workstations needed, and more collaborative spaces for meetings, brainstorming and gatherings.

What advice can you give for young architects entering the industry for the first time?

Don’t let anything limit your creativity. Reality can be restricting sometimes with negotiations and budgets but this doesn’t mean we should stop being the designers that we are. Continue to inspire with your creations and designs.


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