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NepTell Lunch & Learn August Recap

Neptel Design + Build is thrilled to introduce our latest and most dynamic employee development initiative to date – the NepTell Lunch and Learn Series. This innovative program offers our dedicated team members the opportunity to share their invaluable insights and experiences in a format reminiscent of captivating TED Talks.

At Neptel, we recognize the profound impact of continuous learning and knowledge-sharing. Through these engaging Lunch and Learn sessions, we foster a culture of collaborative growth and empowerment within our organization. Our employees will have the platform to impart their expertise, providing valuable perspectives and enhancing our collective knowledge base.

This series promises to be an enriching experience, as it not only promotes professional development but also strengthens our sense of community. We look forward to the enlightening discussions and meaningful connections that will undoubtedly emerge from this exciting endeavor. Stay tuned for a series of inspiring Lunch and Learn sessions that will elevate us all!

Pioneering the NepTell Lunch and Learn Series, taken from the internationally acclaimed learning platform TedTalks, Sir MarkJeff leads Neptel’s most recent employee development initiative with a talk on the programs goals and how it will benefit the organization.

How do you take criticism in the workplace? Are you a Queen Elizabeth, with calmness and dignity or are you a Cersie Lannister... cut his throat! JK Josue talks about the importance of taking and giving constructive criticism in the workplace and how his experience as an educator plays a strong part in giving successful advice to coworkers.

"Speak your mind" is the resounding message of the day. Recognizing your place within an organization can be challenging, but it's immensely rewarding to actively participate, voice your opinions, and contribute your unique insights and ideas. Embrace the power of your voice and make a difference.

To end the first round of the Lunch and Learn Series, Eunice Neptuno shares her invaluable advice on maintaining a stylish yet professional appearance in the workplace, shedding light on its impact not only on personal mood but also on how Neptel is perceived as a brand. Join us for this insightful session!


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