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Simple to Stellar: John Kelly Josue's Impact

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Sir John Kelly (JK) Josue, the Best Project Manager Awardee for the year 2022, has been an instrumental member of our team. He has worked on various projects, but his handling of the DBOS project, located in Spark Space, Quezon City, stood out as a testament to his skills as a project manager. DBOS was a fundamental project, and our client was extremely satisfied with the outcome. It went as far as the clients showing their gratitude in a video testimonial. This only goes to show that John Kelly JK was not just able to complete the project, but he was also able to build a strong relationship with our client.

Potential, trust, and culture - these are simply three out of many motivations as to why John Kelly decided to join Neptel. He expresses the organization's culture as one that genuinely values its employees and clients, which sets the company apart from other firms. It is displayed by the constant appreciation shown by the management to the rest of the employees, which became a driving force for everyone to improve continuously and work towards Neptel's goals together.

The team that was closely involved with him described him as a man of true leadership. He has contributed to our goal of improving our services as a general contractor, meeting our client's expectations, and being their partner for their future projects. He has also managed different projects and challenges with enthusiasm and eagerness to succeed.

The future looks promising for him and Neptel. Given their success, the organization and he will continue to aspire for more successful endeavors together. He is proud of where he is now in his career, knowing that it took a lot of hard work and patience to succeed. All in all, JK's hard work, dedication, and leadership have contributed to the success of our team. We are proud to have him on board and hope that his story will inspire others to work hard and excel in their chosen fields.

His advice to his younger self is to allow himself to be a beginner, as no one starts off being excellent. He emphasizes that it is okay to fail but not to give up on one's dreams and ambitions.

We can learn a great deal from John Kelly’s experience. We must strive to develop and nurture strong relationships with both our clients and colleagues. Effective communication is key to success, as is a continuous focus on improving our skills and knowledge. Failure is not the end, but rather an opportunity to learn and improve.

Sir John Kelly (JK) Josue's story serves as a true inspiration to project managers everywhere. His recognition as the Best Project Manager Awardee for 2022 is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and exceptional leadership skills. Throughout his project, he demonstrated a clear commitment to his client's success, building a strong relationship with them that ultimately led to their satisfaction with the project outcome.

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