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Open Office Space: An Advantage

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

There is no doubt that office layout influences the daily operations of a business. Open office spaces are a hotly contested topic in the modernization of the workplace. Many businesses attribute their success to the trend of demolishing cubicle walls and relocating employees to shared offices. By tearing down walls and bringing people together, it is believed that a business will operate more efficiently and cohesively.

To better understand the open office concept, keep reading below.

What exactly is an open workspace?

An open office layout prioritizes a collaborative work environment by favoring shared workspaces over private offices. The primary goal of these work environments is to promote employee communication; thus, this concept is popular in many companies around the world.

Open workspace office layout - Neptel Design and Build

Most open offices are made up of desk clusters, workstations, or desk neighborhoods, all of which are grouped together in a central area to make it easier for everyone to work together.

Why are open offices advantageous?

It strengthens active working

According to research published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine, "open bench seating may be an unrecognized factor in promoting workplace physical activity."

The findings of the study revealed that open office employees were 20% more physically active than cubicle workers. Open bench seating employees have been found to be 32% more active than their private office counterparts.

It fosters creativity

Open office spaces are more conducive to impromptu brainstorming sessions and casual group discussion. In open workspaces, where there are no walls or other visual barriers, creativity can flourish.

It's excellent for corporate culture

Companies send a clear message to their employees and the market by choosing an open space layout: all of our employees are equal and have equal rights. Additionally, this layout improves the perspective of an organization's hierarchy.

The Bottom Line

Open office fit out set-up - Neptel Design and Build

An open office layout will likely have both pros and cons for your company. To make a decision that will benefit your workforce in the long run, it is essential to consider both factors. As with the majority of workplace customization decisions, the choice of an open office floor plan depends on the nature of your business.


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