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Must Have Low-Maintenance Office Plants

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

We are devoted to making your office a comfortable working space for your employees. Low maintenance plants are one of the ways to achieve this. There are hundreds of plants that can fit nicely into a workplace that can thrive with minimal lighting and little maintenance. Below are some of our top plant picks that can be a great addition to your office decoration.

Office table interior layout - Neptel Design and Build


There are more than 1,000 types of cactus in the world. Cacti require a lot of sunlight and do not require water for a few days, making them one of the easiest indoor plants. Most of them are a good addition beside office windows since they are a poor option for dimly-light offices.

Snake plant table interior decoration - Neptel Design and Build

Snake Plant

Snake plants are great for windowless bathrooms. They can survive in bright and indirect lighting. These houseplants can go weeks without a drop of water, making them the perfect office plant with a busy office environment.

Bamboo palm plant table interior decoration - Neptel Design and Build

Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm plant may be the perfect indoor plant for big office spaces. They thrive in very little light and grow at a fast rate. This plant has green foliage and large leaves that can add bright greenery to your lively office environment.

For smaller offices, Lucky Bamboo is a must! It also requires minimal care and enjoys filtered natural sunlight. This smaller plant looks just like bamboo and it likes to grow on small work desks and cabinets.

Office table interior set-up - Neptel Design and Build


Pothos are known as the devil’s ivy due to its high survival rate under poor conditions. Pothos come in different colors and variations and all require bi-weekly watering and minimal sunlight. This hardy plant also grows quickly and can be added on your office shelves or desks.

Key Takeaway

There are over a thousand low-maintenance plants to choose from for your office space. Some are aesthetically pleasing while others provide health benefits. When choosing your next plant decor, make sure to do your research and learn about the specific plant that you are considering. Soon your office space will be a more relaxing second home.


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