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3 Tips for Office Space Planning

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Planning your office space layout entails more than just buying and rearranging furniture. You should be prepared to have a plan, know what you cannot control, and leave some floor space open. Here are our major tips to know about office space planning before you make any purchases or hire professional designers.

Office space layout planning - Neptel Design and Build

Start with a plan.

Do not get carried away in buying expensive furniture. Rather than purchasing the trendiest desks and fixtures, you might want to start by planning out a strategy. For instance, you may take into consideration the importance of time and money. If you wish to optimize your office space, it is best to hire a professional designer or an office fit-out company. Seeking help from design and construction professionals can give you efficient solutions to make use of your space in the best possible way, but will cost you extra bucks.

If this is out of your budget, it would be ideal to consult with colleagues or brainstorm with your current employees.

Know what you cannot control.

Sometimes an office space has fixed windows and entrance doors. Keep in mind that you cannot reposition or move these features and are beyond your control. The best thing to do is to decorate around them by choosing the right curtain, door accessory, and paint color.

Leave spaces open and do not over decorate

Make sure to leave some spaces to avoid a congested environment. While it may be tempting to choose as much furniture, a little space can be more visually appealing and walkable.

Do not be afraid to include plants, artworks, statues, and company quotes but be careful not to overdo it. At the end of the day, office layout and decor should make the space look aesthetically pleasing, not distract and overwhelm employees.

Office space planning is a bit challenging and it is not straightforward. There are many factors to explore, examine, and consider. It is essential to build the plan first, brainstorm, and not overdo it!

Start turning your office space into a productive hub of creativity and collaboration.

Contact Neptel Design + Build today for a free consultation!

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