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Office Inspos That Will Push You To Work Even On Mondays!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

After almost 2 years of WFH set-up, most corporate employees are still adjusting to the current onsite environment, and sometimes it's strenuous to work on Mondays. If you are looking for a modern office design that will leave you and your employees feeling excited about work, check out our inspos below

Office inspiration layout with ergonomic furnitures - Neptel Design and Build

Ergonomic Furniture

Uncomfortable office furniture affects productivity and focus. Adding ergonomic pieces like sit-stand desks, comfortable chairs, and smart shelves can boost employee wellness. Ergonomic furniture has wide styles. There are limitless options to suit every modern office interior.

Office fit out layout with bright colors - Neptel Design and Build

Bright Colors

Bright colors shape our thoughts, feelings, and performance. Office spaces can feel professional and energizing with a few splashes of color. For instance, bold accent walls or orange sofas and chairs in the pantry can change the mood of employees. If employees have assigned desks, encourage them to show off their personality by including 1-2 bright colored pieces on their desks. You can also opt for adding paintings and colorful beanbags in the recreational area.

Office meeting room layout with transparent dividers - Neptel Design and Build

Transparent Dividers

While traditional businesses of yesterday shied away from transparent dividers, modern office design embraces them. This interior design innovation makes everyone feel connected. Glass-walled rooms have now been slowly replacing closed-off spaces. Combine them with soundproof partitions and you are ready for classified meetings.

Key Takeaway

Do not allow the dull and traditional office design to discourage you from having a bright and lively office environment. Feel free to take it beyond and apply some of our inspos little by little so you can bring improvement into your company's work dynamic on busy days. The possibilities for office interiors are plenty but unlocking the potential of your office environment boils down to making the most of what you and your employees have. From decorations and color schemes, every element matters.


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