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Get to know our Design Head

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

At Neptel Design + Build, we are devoted to mold young talents and leaders. For this month's Meet The Team article series, we are featuring Eloisa Sy, our Design Architect and Design Head.

Driven by her purpose to make a difference, Eloisa pursued Neptel to gain exposure in the construction industry in August 2021. Since then, she has been an important core of the company and has empowered her team to be outspoken, committed and assertive.

As the head of the design team, Eloisa values open communication and collaboration. She considers the opinion and ideas of every Neptel employee in major work-related decisions. Her team ensures everyone's voices are heard and are involved in every major decision. For Eloisa, a successful team requires mutual respect, open communication, and patience -- and she is proud to be part of a company that upholds this culture.

Eloisa's fulfilling Neptel experience, as she puts it, has helped her gain knowledge and experiences that she never thought she would accumulate in a few months: "Neptel has taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes because every mistake guides us to improve and create a better version of ourselves”.

As a people-first company, Eloisa strives to create a purpose-driven culture while upholding our company values: Nurturing, Enthusiasm, Partnership, Thinking Big, Excellence, and Leadership. At Neptel, we aspire to encourage our young team leaders to be the best by investing in our people’s growth and creating a culture where people are valued and each idea is heard.

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