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Advantages of Co-working Spaces

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

In the Philippines, co-working spaces are becoming popular. Co-working spaces are the new "it" modern-day office set-up where people from different organizations can network or collaborate on projects together. Most co-working spaces offer several rooms that can be reserved or rented, from meeting rooms to computer labs. It is ideal for small companies, solo freelancers, and remote workers. Check out the benefits of co-working spaces below to learn more!

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Co-working spaces are the perfect environment for productivity and help mitigate distractions from the work-from-home setup or the traditional office cubicle setup. Coworking spaces provide flexible options tailor-fit for different work styles, with a variety of desks and rooms. Any individual or company has the freedom to book a professional space to meet clients or rent a room for just a year or less.

Networking Opportunities

Co-working spaces are essentially creative spaces that offer inspiration and the possibility of networking and collaborative opportunities - something that most companies will not get from a traditional office setup. Working in a shared workspace is also exciting! Most co-working space goers feel part of a dynamic community where they can socialize and exchange ideas with. Co-working spaces definitely expose everyone to a community of hardworking and like-minded individuals.

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A top advantage of a co-working space is the affordable rates and flexible leasing plans - from an hourly daily, weekly, and monthly basis! Co-working spaces only require their tenants to pay for the areas they will use with exclusive perks like a staff for technical and cleaning services at no additional cost. The cost-saving advantage is beneficial for business owners since they will no longer have to worry about long-term leases and additional staff for office maintenance.

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Boost of Creativity

Creativity is an important characteristic when working on a project. Throwing and brainstorming with other like-minded people, you'll be able to explore more things related to the project and acquire knowledge needed to be applied.

Emotional Support

Getting stressed out with workloads can be overwhelming. In co-working spaces, each colleague can introduce each other to like-minded individuals. It's good to feel fulfilled when working, that's why speaking to someone, simply having a chat, or having coffee provides destresser when an employee is experiencing a stressful day. According to Headspace Group, 80% of employees say they've felt uncomfortable at work at some point, with 40% saying their job is "very stressful" or "very stressful." With someone to engage with, an employee will feel a lot greater job satisfaction plus the fact that they have emotional support.

Co-working spaces are a perfect option for start-ups, small businesses, and remote workers looking to focus, network, and minimize office costs. Both the employees and employers can discover and build collaborative and meaningful relationships with different individuals and companies that may create a business impact or joint project.

The co-working space setup is positively influencing today's office culture. It is a fun option that matches and caters to everyone’s budget and schedule!

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