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Top BPOs In The World

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies claim to have become the standard in most businesses nowadays. It is now an industry with a broad reach globally. The outsourcing industry continues to face phenomenal growth regarding its high-quality services and attraction to global investments.

This article will share a number of top BPOs globally that should provide higher-value services to prevail competitively.


Accenture high-rise building - Neptel Design and Build

Accenture is a global IT solutions and business process outsourcing firm specializing in consulting, digital technologies, and business operations. The company, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, has a global presence in more than 120 countries.


Helpware office layout - Neptel Design and Build

Helpware has steadily grown into one of the top outsourcings BPO organizations, with a fantastic client base and over five years of industry experience. They offer customized Customer Support teams that specialize in Back-Office Support and Taskware.

Ardem Incorporated

Ardem Incorporated signage - Neptel Design and Build

Ardem, a privately owned company based in New Jersey, was founded in 2004 and mixes technology, human ingenuity, and industry knowledge to optimize labor processes. They emphasized intelligent solutions such as Process Mapping, Re-Engineering, and Automation.

Plaxonic Technologies

Plaxonic Technologies office waiting area layout - Neptel Design and Build

It is a BPO company that focuses on digitalization and several advantages in developing creative corporate solutions for its clientele. Plaxonic Technologies is a company based in India. They provide services such as DevOps, AI, Digital Transformation, and other services that the focal point is innovation.


Triniter office fit out interior - Neptel Design and Build

Triniter, a BPO organization with over ten years of experience and positive customer feedback, offers multilingual service and has a 98.7% client retention rate because of its excellent client satisfaction percentage; as a result, they hold a unique position in the BPO sector.

Open Access BPO

Open Access BPO office fit out - Neptel Design and Build

Open Access BPO provides BPO and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) services to Fortune 500 companies from numerous strategic locations in over 30 languages. Open Access BPO is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has run since 2006.

The companies mentioned in this article vary from mid to large-sized BPOs. Some of these firms have not yet expanded their enterprises in the Philippines. Neptel Design + Build offers services that can help these companies to continue claiming their names at the top and has been one of the go-to one-stop-shop for BPOs in redesigning office spaces.


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