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Top 3 Mistakes In Office Space Planning

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Office space floor planning - Neptel Design and Build

A well-planned office motivates employees to work and come together but getting it wrong might not be good for your firm, and you might experience a loss of potential business and clients. We take a look at the top mistakes in office planning so they can be avoided in the future.


The choice and type of lighting are the first things that you should take into account. Poor lit workspaces can affect your employees' moods and productivity. Harsh lights may trigger migraines, while dim lighting can result in eye strain. You may want to incorporate natural lighting and utilize your windows and install other artificial lighting types to provide the best illumination.


If forced to work too closely with others, your team can be easily distracted. Not enough elbow room can result in poor attitudes and low productivity. It's best to ensure your employees have enough space to stretch out and walk, you will end up with a collaborative team working at their peak performance.

Through planning and design, your small spaces can be made to feel comfortable and spacious. The choice of cooler colors and white can make a space look less cramped. The right placement of furniture and utilization of long tables can also make up for the small spaces.


The reception area is where potential clients, visitors, and new hires will gather their first impression of your company. It is crucial to make a good impression by making the space well-lit, welcoming, and comfortable. These design efforts will surely go a long way in building relationships later on.

Planning office spaces is essential in forming a dynamic work culture. Every decision you make when planning your office space will be reflected in your company's branding. The Neptel Team can certainly assist you to get the most from your office spaces and create a good impression.


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