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How a Well-designed Office Affects Employee and Company Performance

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

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As humans, we have required ourselves to be keen on our surroundings, which means that our environmental sensitivity can perceive and process information. With this, a poor work environment might be adopted by the employees which can lead to dissatisfaction, unproductivity, and overall unhealthiness. The office space can be considered as the second home of the employees because they spend most of their time here and it can be a little tiring and draining, that’s why their workplace should also feel like home for them where productivity is valued and practiced.

A research study by the University of Minnesota discovered that an organization’s working environment indeed has an impact on employees’ work performance. It further revealed that employees find it difficult to complete their to-do list due to the absence of a well-structured office design that they can work on.

111 years ago, a building with remarkable architecture was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The structure utilized spaces for productivity, knowledge and skills, business goals, among others. Located in Buffalo, New York City, Larkin Company flourished because of the spaces that Wright had built. In this scenario, it can be observed that business goals were achieved successfully with the help of a highly structured design.

Other studies have also proven the positive impacts of having an open office space layout, right lighting, and containing more greenery in an office workspace. Here are the top things to consider for your office space that will improve the wellness of your employees.

Office Layout

Office layout planning - Neptel Design and Build

It is essential to consider a comfortable and walkable office space. Your open office layout can intensify collaborative and positive relationships. According to Harvard Business Review, an open-plan office layout breaks down the barriers of communication and makes it easy for employees to communicate which is valuable for creativity and brainstorming.

Closed cubicles have been the traditional office layout for decades, but this setup is acknowledged to be divisive. As work culture evolves, most companies adopt open-plan office spaces to improve communication and productivity.


Office space layout with lighting - Neptel Design and Build

It is essential to have the appropriate lighting elements in your office space. Having as much natural lighting is the best option as long as blinds are present and ceiling lights can be adjusted. There are definite pros and cons to artificial lighting, which can be detrimental to concentration. For instance, dim lighting can lead to headaches and eyestrain as the eyes are forced to focus harder.

The Neptel team can recommend the best ceiling lights and desk lamps that are designed to save energy and offer a large footprint of neutral light to reduce eyestrain.


Interior office fit out with plants and wide windows - Neptel Design and Build

The presence of plants motivates employees to be calmer and more productive at work. There have been several studies that prove plants can reduce stress-related conditions such as anxiety and fatigue.

The Fjeld et al study in 1998 argues that the benefits of plants include psychological wellness:

  • Psychological and physiological stress reduction

  • Positive moods

  • Increased ability to focus

  • Reduced mental fatigue

  • Improved performance on cognitive tasks

  • Reduced pain perceptions in health care settings

The researchers also found that plants are effective in improving air quality. Overall, plants in your office space can produce cleaner air and help create a better working environment.

The link between intelligent office design, productivity, and business performance is a crucial element in constructing your office space.

Achieving company goals through a comfortable environment and intelligent office design does not only improves employee and company performance but also employee experience. The employee experience is becoming relevant and implementing the right office set-up can certainly boost their happiness, well-being, and productivity.

Get in touch with Neptel Design + Build today to find out more!


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