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Choosing The Right Office Light

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Mood and productivity are two of the many things that office lighting affects directly. The perfect lighting for specific areas in the workplace can help employees stay alert and productive but finding the balance between too dim and too light can be a difficult task.

This article shares some of the things you need to consider about the suitable type of illumination for your space.

Office fit out with natural light - Neptel Design and Build

Office fit layout with natural light - Neptel Design and Build

Natural light

It is necessary to consider an office space with windows in common areas or work areas so many employees can access natural light. Employees exposed to natural light are more productive at work and less likely to develop blurred visions, eye strain, headaches, and migraines. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, natural light exposure helps with balancing the circadian rhythm and boosts motivation.

If your office is windowless, it would be good to consider installing skylights with warm or white lights.

Office fit out with LED lights - Neptel Design and Build

Office fit layout with LED lights - Neptel Design and Build

LED vs. Fluorescent

LED lights are now the go-to office light due to their energy-efficient feature. With LED, companies save costs in the long run because LED have a longer lifespan than fluorescent lights.

LED lights are the ideal choice for employees’ health since they can be adjusted and dimmed to match the time of day. On the other hand, fluorescent lights are much more costly, not energy-efficient, can trigger symptoms of migraines, and interfere with sleep patterns.

Office open space design set-up - Neptel Design and Build

Office open space design set-up with LED lights - Neptel Design and Build

Color of office lighting

The color and temperature of office lighting vary depending on the function of the rooms. Warmer lights like orange or yellow are better for relaxing, winding down, and hanging out. Cooler lights like blue and white are good for concentration and meetings.

Most engineers and architects would also highly recommend LED motion sensors with dimmed lights in areas that are used periodically, like storage rooms and pantries. It is a good option to set lights on a timer to save more money.

LED and natural light in office spaces can provide your employees with a welcoming and healthier environment. Hiring a design and construction firm, like Neptel, is the best way to ensure your office space has the right lighting and offer solutions based on your budget and spatial limitations.


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