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Add Color to Your Workspace

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Could you significantly change your energy simply by changing the color of your surroundings? Color may be the answer if you're having trouble concentrating, wondering where your creative mojo has gone, or trying to rekindle a lost spark. Depending on the task at hand, specific color environments give you an advantage.

We've all experienced how boring office walls can be. While white walls and neutral-colored furniture are certainly safe choices, they can feel uninspiring and devoid of personality. You'll be shocked at how much a pop of color can transform your setting and promote innovation and teamwork.

Check out our tips for helping your office go from drab to fab!

Accent Furniture

Accent furniture in your space isn't a new concept; interior designers and homeowners have been doing it for years. Instead of a dated and cold environment, what has changed in the workplace is the addition of accent furniture and accessories that create emotion and feeling.

Furniture in bright colors will not only brighten up your space, but will also brighten up your mood, improving your work ethic. Adding accent furniture like this is a simple way to make a big impression.

Office interior fit out set-up - Neptel Design and Build

Colored Floors

If accent furniture pieces aren't your thing, stick to whites and neutrals and save the color pop for the floors. This is more than just an accent rug. Go wild with colorful carpets or even paint the floors!

According to Camilla Clarke, Creative Director of London, in order to create a layout that complements your current décor scheme, floor color is a crucial factor to take into account. It has the power to change one's perception of space and evoke mood.

Office meeting room with wooden wall interior design - Neptel Design and Build

Office cafeteria interior design - Neptel Design and Build

Feature Walls

When discussing color, the idea of a feature wall won't be surprising. You can add color with a feature wall without, of course, painting the entire office that color (or any color of your choosing). Make visitors look twice by transforming your office into an art gallery. It's a sure way to make those walls stand out.

Bottom Line

Never be afraid to think outside the box and use your creativity when it comes to color in the workplace. Before putting anything on walls, panels, or your workstation, be sure to ask your facilities manager for permission. Your working environment can be improved and made more relaxing by the use of color. Color can also add richness and boldness to a space.


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