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A Leap Into The Future

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

It is our commitment to growth and excellence that has driven our company to rebrand. Neptel, who has evolved over the last 22 years, has decided to leap into the future. Thus, we are beyond proud to announce the launch of our new branding.

A Silhoutte of man doing construction works - Neptel Design and Build

Neptel started as a company that centers on structured cabling, electrical works, and developed to become general contractors over time. Today, we have shifted our focus to designing and building office spaces, making our services a one-stop-shop for all building and renovation needs, from designing, building, to structured cabling, electrical and mechanical services, among others. Hence, as part of our rebranding strategy, our company name has changed from Neptel Systems Integrator Inc. to Neptel Design + Build.

Logo Rationale

We have reconstructed our logo to display who we are today and reflect our progressive future. Despite its new look, the modern logo remains true to our roots while still reflecting the evolution of our brand. It also embodies the company's vision, mission, and values.

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The logo essentially involves vertical lines and solid shapes, which represent interior and exterior projects. Interior fit-out projects are portrayed through the presence of metal studs and gypsum boards, while buildings are for ground-up construction.

The lines further symbolize strength and constant progress. Moreover, the gypsum boards aim to signify stability, balance, professionalism, and efficiency. The solid shapes at the bottom of the logo depict a solid and sturdy foundation for the company.

Lastly, apart from honoring Neptel's first logo, the color blue conveys loyalty, trust, and intelligence, which are a few of the values that we strive to impart to our clients, partners, and the society.

Rebranding Launch

Today, December 8, 2021, Neptel has entered a new chapter that is geared towards constantly elevating the world through its services and people. Become a part of our journey as we transform spaces together.

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